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Prepare Your Space to Mitigate Risk and Instill Confidence

Organizations across North America are preparing to re-open their doors safely and with precaution. The first step is to provide customers and employees with clear guidelines that promote health and safety in your workplace.

Our Redefined Workplace Signage Program has been developed to provide you with the tools you need prepare for a changed business landscape and reopen your doors with confidence.

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Navigating the Redefined Workplace: 4 Tips for Signage Post Covid-19

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Custom Solutions

Do you have complex requirements, need to adhere to strict brand guidelines or have a high-volume order?

Our Redefined Workplace Signage Program was developed specifically for:

  • Retail Franchisers
  • Property Managers
  • Large Offices Organizations With Unique Requirements
  • Other Complex Spaces

Escalators Grey Background-2If this sounds like you, complete the form on the right to discuss your needs with a Signage Solutions Specialist.

Our team will work with you to provide a thoughtful and customized signage solution that will promote health and safety in your workplace, while meeting the requirements unique to your organization.

Read more about our process below.

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Our Process

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Our Signage Solutions Specialists will visit your workplace to assess your unique needs, identify critical areas to mitigate risk and recommend materials and applications that will work best in your space.

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Based on our assessment, we will recommend a solution that integrates our existing signage with your unique workplace requirements including brand, colour and design. Mock-ups will be presented for custom solutions.

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We produce quality, durable materials that integrate seamlessly into your workplace and provide direction to customers and employees. All products in this catalogue are easy to self-install (see instructions below).

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Ready-to-Print Solutions

Looking for a quick and simple solution to promote health and safety in your workspace? With 70+ templates to choose from, we have ready-to-order signs available for quick order and doorstep delivery across Canada.

Our templates are perfect for:

  • Retail Stores with 1-2 Locations 
  • Local Restaurants
  • Small Office Spaces 

The program features Health & Wellness Signs, Physical Distancing Signs, Floor Decals, Vehicle Signs, Hygiene Shields, and more.

Browse our solutions or download the order form below.

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Navigating Change Together


As we begin to return to a new normal, our goal is to help reduce anxiety and instill confidence in your employees and customers while they return to your workplace.

West Canadian does this by providing flexible, thoughtful and customizable signage solutions that promote health and safety and will give your visitors peace of mind.

*Statistics Source: Canadian Perspectives Survey Series, March/April 2020

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Decal Installation Instructions


Checkmark -Blue-1 Step 1

Clean the surface where you will be applying the graphic and allow it to dry fully. The graphic must be applied in temperatures above 10° C.

Checkmark -Blue-1Step 2

Pull back 3" of the release liner found on the rear of the print to expose the adhesive. Crease the release liner to create a hinge that you can pull after applying a small section of the adhesive to the surface.

Checkmark -Blue-1Step 3

Position the graphic in the intended location, using a squeegee to apply the top of the graphic and work down to remove air bubbles as the graphic is applied. (If you don't have a squeegee, credit cards work well). 













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