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Find and access the right information instantly


Improve the speed and transparency of your processes


Avoid content chaos with enhanced control and security

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M-Files is the only intelligent information management platform that organizes content based on what it is, not where it's stored. You can even connect to existing network folders and systems to make them more intelligent with built-in AI to automatically categorize and protect information.

Improve Business Process Efficiency

It's common for organizations to use multiple repositories to store and manage content, often saved in complex folder hierarchies. According to the 2019 Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report, 46% of office workers say it's challenging and time-consuming to find the documents they need.

M-Files manages content by "what" it is. That way, users never need to remember "where" something was stored, regardless of if it lives in a third party system like SharePoint, Dropbox, network file folders or other ECM systems.

Using a simple keyword search, users can find the right content instantly and without having to browse numerous folders and locations. Just knowing what it is you are working on is all that is needed.



Increase the Speed of your Business

65% of businesses experience challenges with reviewing and approving documents. Often, review and approval processes are manual and can create bottlenecks, slowing business processes and reducing office efficiency. 

M-Files equips your business with electronic workflows and e-signing, allowing your staff to process tasks faster and without the hassle of relying on paper-based processes. 

Using a content management system improves insight into your processes by enabling document tracking and granting clarity on inefficiencies. Benefit from a full audit trail for traceability and compliance purposes.

Keep It Organized and Secure

On average, a document gets copied 19 times during its lifecycle, making it difficult to track version control and maintain a clear view on the latest changes. 68% of office workers confirm this is impacting their work negatively.

In M-Files, there is only one version of every document you own. With advanced tracking, M-Files grants access to a full history of the changes that were made on a document with the ability to undo changes at any time. 

M-Files also allows your staff to share content with colleagues and business partners in a simple and secure way without having to rely on third party systems like Dropbox. Co-authoring and collaboration functions eliminate the hassle involved with merging multiple document versions.