Go Digital for a Fixed Fee with Scan-to-Zero

Digitize your organization's records for a predictable monthly fee that is flexible to meet your budget. With Scan-to-Zero, West Canadian will store your physical records at no extra cost and digitize a fixed volume each month so you can avoid costly project-based fees.

Our experts securely convert, extract and index the valuable data from your records using state-of-the-art capture technology including an IBML scanner, Kofax Capture and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. 



How much are you paying in monthly storage fees with no end in sight? Reallocate your storage budget to scanning, and we'll keep your records secure at our facilities at no cost until the scanning is complete and your invoice is zero.



Once your documents are scanned and converted, West Canadian offers a host of solutions for digital file delivery and information management. Our experts will work with your unique needs, budget and timelines to determine what's right for you.



While your records are in storage, we will deliver any file you need access to within 24 hours. Once they're digitized, you'll have immediate access to your information from any location or device when you implement an information management solution.

Discover Cost Savings by Eliminating Storage Contracts

If your business records are in a document storage facility, you're likely paying a fixed monthly rate on a long-term contract. When that contract is up, there's still no end in site as your volume of information continues to grow. 

Instead, West Canadian can digitize your records collection at a rate that works for you. We have your long-term business interests in mind, which is why we'll also work with you to create and maintain your digital content repository and help identify and eliminate paper-based workflows at the root with our integrated Digital Transformation Solutions. 

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Get Started Today with a Free Scan-to-Zero Site Assessment

Ready to get started with Digital Transformation? Book a complimentary Scan-to-Zero Site Assessment with one of our experts, and we'll visit the location of your business records to assess:

  • The approximate volume of your records
  • File types and unique requirements for digitization
  • Your budget and timeline for going digital

Plus, for a limited time get a complimentary proof of concept that includes the scanning and electronic delivery of one banker's box of files.* Fill out the form to the right to get started today! 

*Some conditions may apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Untitled design (3)Why not keep my records in document storage?

Paper documents slow down business processes and are prone to risks such as theft, fires and floods. File storage is also indefinite, meaning the payments never end (and will increase with inflation).

Untitled design (3)Can West Canadian store all of my boxes?

Yes, West Canadian can store your records collection until scanning is complete. If you'd prefer, we can also schedule multiple shipments or transport boxes in small batches.

Untitled design (3)Will I have access to my files while they're in storage?

While your files are in the queue waiting to be scanned, you'll still have access to them. Just let us know what files you need, and our experts will locate and deliver them securely within 24 hours.

Untitled design (3)How do I store my electronic files after the'yre scanned?

If you have a document management system like OpenText, Documentum or SharePoint, our team can upload your files directly. If you don't currently have a system, we offer a range of industry leading solutions to manage your files. 

Untitled design (3)What happens to my documents once they're scanned?

It's completely up to you. West Canadian can safely destroy your records in accordance with compliance regulations, or we can return them safely to you (or a combination of the above). 

Untitled design (3)What does it cost?

The best part about Scan-to-Zero is its flexibility. Whether your budget is $500 or $5000, we'll scan a fixed rate of documents each month until your paper volume and invoice both reach zero.  

Secure Facilities in Calgary and Edmonton

West Canadian’s imaging division is purpose-built to exceed privacy and compliance standards, ensuring the safety and security of your data and physical records.

Our secure locations in Calgary and Edmonton feature:

  • Secure storage and scanning rooms armed with 24/7 alarms, video surveillance and restricted access
  • Emergency response and business continuity procedures
  • Project-specific security clearance, employee background checks and PIPA compliant confidentiality training

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Today, the average organization increases its paper consumption by 22% each year, and there's no sign of that growth stopping anytime soon. Learn why Scan-to-Zero is the easiest and most affordable solution for going paperless.


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